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´╗┐Does David Wright being named Mets Captain really mean anything

So David Wright finally was named Captain of the Mets on Thursday, ending weeks of intense speculation over his "Anadrol 50" place with the Mets.

It is nice that the manager, the organization and players have made their respect for Wright official, but really, we already knew that existed. It a great honor for Wright, but does it really mean anything?

I have to admit Masterton Rentals and maybe because I spent a good part of the 80s in a Meister Brau enduced haze I don even remember Carter and Hernandez being Captains of the Mets. Maybe it was because the Mets were so good, nobody really cared about stuff like that.

I do remember Franco being named Captain, because I not only thought it was a dumb idea having a reliever as a Captain, I also hated the little they put on his uniform.

Thankfully Wright won wear the Despite my apathy toward this whole situation, the timing is right for Wright to become captain. It does signal it a new "Anadrol 50" era and his team. Let hope someday he gets to have the greatest honor for a Captain being the first one to take the Stanley Cup from Gary Bettman. Still, until the Mets start winning, and winning, the only thing it means is Howie Rose can now yell "El Cap i tan" everytime Wright gets a big hit.

Also as expected Thursday, "Anaboliset Aineet" the Mets named Jon Niese the Opening Day starter. It a great honor for Niese, who really has to carry the load for this pitching staff this season. The Mets and other teams think highly of Niese, as Martino wrote a few weeks ago the Jays would offered the same package (d Buck, Syndergaard) for him, and now is the time for him to be the Captain of the pitching staff. Johan will not be around next year (who knows if he will be around this year) and guys like Harvey and Wheeler need a vet they can look up to. Niese is that guy. Let hope he can lead by example.

Speaking of vets who haven been around much, Shawn Marcum says his shoulder problem is not an "impingement" as the Mets have said, rather it just tightness. Whatever. Here another guy we need big innings out of. What can you say? They did fire 45 shots on goal, but to no avail. Wonder if Torts will blame this one on "Achat Anabolisant Belgique" Joe Micheletti.

Finally, Injectable Steroids For Bodybuilding In India congrats to the Harvard "4-chlorodehydromethyltestosterone Ireland" Crimson Tide for the win over New Mexico late Thursday. I did get a kick out of the guys on TV talking about Primobolan Xapia what a great job Tommy Amaker did at Seton Hall. Maybe it was the Meister Brau again, but I don remember that either.